Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Latest Edit - The Wounded

Episode 86 The Wounded.

Hello Inter-web-land.
I have been feeling well enough to site at the computer for short periods and over the last week I have managed to create a few edits of this episode.
Final Cut, which took forever.
 This is probably one of my leased favorite episodes of the series and I found it very difficult to make the edit and try and keep the duration down to a reasonable size. The first attempt was 29 minuets long as there is so much in the episode. It is a very wordy story not to much action as it is more about O'Brien's struggle to put aside his old prepuces against the Cardassians and to help his old captain to do the same. I hated the ending to this episode on first viewing and it has only slightly grown upon me over the years, (It's that Song, oh dear). I have tried to put over the main story as best as I can, but as I've have already said the episode has so many long conversational pieces to it that they are hard to cut down without losing the meaning that's there.

First Edit was 29 mins long.
So anyway it's done and up on YouTube here at the DarMok Channel, just see for yourselves and please let me know what you think.

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