Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Almost back with you all.

Hello Inter-Web-Land.

I am still in the process of rebuilding my computer after the motherboard finally gave up the ghost and died on me. I scraped together the funds for the board but then found out that I would have to reformat my system drive due to MBR to GPT compatibility issues with the new board.
So that is the stage that I am at, starting from scratch having to find and install all of the programs I had before which made me able to produce the ST Moments episodes.  The next episode is Clues which may be hard to edit anyway due to its complicated storyline. The plug-in effects that appear on my series banner have to be installed into Adobe After Effects and others in Adobe Premiere. Not to mention all of the normal everyday programs that you don't usually think about, I cant ever get the sound playing properly on my system speakers at the moment, so please be patient with me. And take the time to look back at what other episodes have been done within ST Moments and I promise I will be back soon.

All the Best. DarMok.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Devils Due Payed

Hello Inter-web-land.

The Devil has been payed in full. (Edit Done)

I have finally managed too complete, Devil's Due in a much more constricted form it's actually been cut to the bone down to just under 13 minutes. I hope you like it, I spent many hours trying to get it ready, thou I'm a little bit worried this final upload has had problems with some colorizing issues. The editing process of getting this episode down to the 13 minutes, has really shown the impact of the pace of this episode, it jumps along from one scene to the next quite well I think.  I've also included a little visual effect that some of you who know this episode will I hope find enjoyable. Please let me know what you think and don't forget to join ST Moments blog and the new Community. I will be re-watching the episode Clues today and start the planning for producing that edit. Bye for now.

All the Best. DarMok.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Devils Due, long edit ready for your consideration.

Hello Interwebland

Ive been working hard on my latest edit of episode 87 Devils Due ST Moment STNG Edition and thought some people might what to see it. But fair warning that this is a offline edit and because I was trying to tell the whole story of the episode, it is 24mins long, much to long for a YT edition.
So I will be cutting the titled version down to the bone, focusing on the dialog to tell the main story and I will try to get it down to under 10mins.
This is a great episode thou, it will be one of those ones were everybody will have an opinion over what should have stayed in and which scenes are best. The last courtroom scene with Ardra and Picard has to be in there and the Scrooge scene I'm afraid will have to go, its just to long. I will try to concentrate on Picard and Ardra and the interplay between them, but bedroom scene maybe that's another one for the bin.
Anyway, tell me your thoughts and perhaps you can change my mind.

All the Best DarMok.

I like your chair Captain.
Lock on to the intruder.
You know you want too.
Hidden desire.
I need my clothes.
Now you see it.
Am I Ardra.
Is this what you expect Captain.
Objection overruled.
You are out of order, Sir.
Come back Ardra if you can.
Of all the impudence.
Fek'lhr of Klingon.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Devils due editing is coming along

Hello Inter-web-land.
I have been working on my latest edit of ST Moments episode 87 Devil's Due one of the stand out episodes of the Fourth Season, this project seems to be taking longer and longer to get a handle on. This could be due to my physical problems with my disability or the fact that I'm putting so much more into them. There was a big gap between the release of ST Moments episodes 85 and 86 due to,  my not being able to sit for long periods at my computer desk and just not having the energy to do it. So sorry for that gap inbetween but I'm feeling a little more able to cope now so here we go, back to Devils Due. 
Yes well I did some work last week and this week on the episode, I've always like this one Ardra is a great character and the actress Marta DuBois, did a wonderful job especially in the interaction with her and Picard. The putdown in the first meeting is classic in fact the setup on most of the scenes are good and here lies the problem with all of these episodes, what to leave in and want to take out. Where Ardra first appears, has to be in, thou i have brought the dialogue closer together and cut out things like the hostage sub-story. 
It was the crews motivation to prove that she is a con artist and not the devil that I thought was more important. So at the moment I'm up to the scene on the bridge when she is in the captains chair, that  I'm about to work on. Which doesn't seem to work for me as well as the other Ardra scenes, in comparison to the arrival and departure of our protagonist. If you have any ideas on how i should proceed with the following scenes please let me know otherwise i will continue with my ideas which you may or may not like, I have included a offline blog exclusive preview of the episode, showing  where I'm up to, so join in and advise me on how you would proceed. 

All the Best, DarMok

Offline Edit Devils Due showing where I'm up to with this episode.

Devil Due Opening

Ardra's Arrival 

YouTube Upload

Monday, 22 September 2014

One Million YouTube hits.

Remember the Playlists.

Hello Inter-web-land.
I new that we where getting near to it, but it's finally happened, we have just passed the one million hits mark on YouTube. Unfortunately there where no bell or whistles, no secret levels to open up or even a message from YT itself to tell me. So to mark the occasion myself, I though it would be a good time to remind ST Moments members how the channel was designed to be played in the first place.
           Each episode was to follow the other as a continuous reminder of the best moments in Star Trek The Next Generation. The original concept was to have had short single moments but as time has gone on and viewers have asked for longer edits and they have become more like mini episodes. So here's the reminder to please if you have time, watch the playlists on YouTube's DarMok Channel and remember all the moments we all grew to love about the NextGen.
The Channel
Here are the Playlist links.
Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four

Sunday, 21 September 2014

G+ Banner and news on Episode 87 Devils Due edit.

Latest Edits

Hello Inter-web-land.
These are the latest edits that I have been working on, a animation for some cover-art on Google+ and the new edit for the DarMok Channel on YouTube.

A little bit of cover artwork for Google+  which was a problem to upload on the site as a animation.
HD Version of the Animation

I finally managed to get the animation I had been working on, as my G+ cover banner. More by accident than design, I had been trying to create a Giff file because the Flv file wouldn't work at the first attempt to upload it as a cover. But it seems that if you upload a Flv file onto the page as a video upload, because it is then in your gallery, you can then use it as a cover image. It does for some reason have a unintended zoom but that will do, I hope that all makes sense for those who wish to give this a go themselves.

Episode 87 Devils Due

The U.S.S. Enterprise receives an emergency transmission from a science station on the planet Ventax II. The Ventaxians are in a panic, convinced a mythic figure called Ardra has returned to fulfill a thousand-year-old contract. According to legend, she promised the citizens of the once war-torn planet a thousand years of peace and prosperity in exchange for their enslavement at the end of that time. When Picard takes Worf, Data and Troi to the planet to help Jared, the Ventaxian leader, Ardra suddenly appears before them.
I'm in the early stages of the edit of this episode and I think it is going well, I do love this story and think the final edit will till the story in a more pacey way.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Latest Edit - The Wounded

Episode 86 The Wounded.

Hello Inter-web-land.
I have been feeling well enough to site at the computer for short periods and over the last week I have managed to create a few edits of this episode.
Final Cut, which took forever.
 This is probably one of my leased favorite episodes of the series and I found it very difficult to make the edit and try and keep the duration down to a reasonable size. The first attempt was 29 minuets long as there is so much in the episode. It is a very wordy story not to much action as it is more about O'Brien's struggle to put aside his old prepuces against the Cardassians and to help his old captain to do the same. I hated the ending to this episode on first viewing and it has only slightly grown upon me over the years, (It's that Song, oh dear). I have tried to put over the main story as best as I can, but as I've have already said the episode has so many long conversational pieces to it that they are hard to cut down without losing the meaning that's there.

First Edit was 29 mins long.
So anyway it's done and up on YouTube here at the DarMok Channel, just see for yourselves and please let me know what you think.