Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Where this post has never gone before.

Hello Inter-web-land.

I have been updating the links on STMoments for the last few days, telling viewers of the extra's that they can see on this blog. So thought I'd better link in some more of the offline edits that were created before the blog was started. The way I work while creating the edits for STMoments is to make a edit of the episode with all of the relevant moments of that edition that I want it to contain. And then cut them down to a size that I imagine most viewers would want to see or stay with the whole way through the edit. So here are some of the previous off-line's with a little explanation as to why the finished edits ended up shorter.

This was when I hadn't long started making the series of Star Trek Moments on YouTube, at that time I was trying to reproduce a video project that I made back in the 90's. Which was produced on videotape with a running time of four and a half  hours, showing very short edits , but mostly moments or clips that were my favorites. After having decided to recreate the project on DVD and as I was in the process of making it, I thought that maybe other people would be interested in what i was doing, so uploaded them to YouTube. So as this was one of my first few edits I was trying to keep the
duration of the edit down to a minimum, because they were meant to be going onto DVD. As I uploaded more and more edits of the series, it began to appear that the viewers wanted to see more of the individual episodes, so in turn they became longer.

Here are some of them.

Datalore (Longer edit)
One of my particular favourites, this edit show a little more of Lore's arrival and his interaction with Data.

Encounter At Farpoint Parts 1 & 2
I have include this episode in the blog because it was the first and its always worth a watch again as it is a longer two-parter.

I did so many edits of The Best Of Both Worlds that I sometimes forget myself, but here are the best of the rest.

Part 1  Presented in it's longer form, I tried to put in all of the storyline as concisely as possible and still have all of the main scenes that people would want.

Part 2  This concluding part of the story
has quite a bit of action in the storyline,
more so than part one. The trick was to
kept the action that everyone expected
but still not show the whole episode.

This was the one i wanted to make, to bring both
edits together so viewers could enjoy the whole
story, without the break. You may have notice
that this edit also has the battle at Wolf 359 which was taken from the DS9 pilot Emissary.
There are also a few little bits of video compositing going on in this edit but no one has found them yet, see if you can.

These are the two shorter versions put together, it starts from the scene where Picard first encounters the Borg. And is a much more concise version of the story.
 I love this edit for some reason, mainly because of the way the two episodes are combined. I used the whole of the music score from episode one
with the dramatic build-up and reactions of the
crew, straight into the firing of the main deflector
dish. So Cool.


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