Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Most popular YouTube hits on the channel.

Hello Inter-web-land.

As I've been putting these blogs, Facebook and Google+ sites together, I have notice how the episodes are viewed a little more. If you can imagine as I've produced this project each episode can only be put up in order of season release. And as each episode after the one before has been up longer, it is hard to judge just how popular that episode is. Looking now at the first episode uploaded 'Encounter at Farpoint', which has been on the channel for 1 year with 11,782 hits, you would think it would have a huge advantage over more recent uploads. And it has to a certain extent, but when 'Q Who' joined the list it soared pass it with now 51,913 hits.
Now isn't it a pity that we can't put them all up at the same time, just to see what would be the definitive most watched episode. Now there's a challenge, what would you say would be the winner and of course I haven't even mentioned  'The Best of Both Worlds' yet. What about 'The Inner Light' or 'Survivors' or 'Hide & Q' or 'The Offspring', way to many to mention and those are only the first 3 seasons.
So what do you have to do.....Yes, let me know what you think would top the list and why.
But for now.

All the Best. DarMok.
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Upcoming Episodes

Hello Interwebland.
If viewers are wondering why I haven't put up any new episodes for a while, I have been waiting for the forth season to be released on Blue ray, later this month.
It seems like a good idea to wait to edit what will be episode 85 Data's Day, which is one of my personal favorites and definitely a highlight of this season, from the better source. I did start to edit it from a DVD rip of it as a MPEG
Episode 85 Data's Day
file, but then thought better of it. So if I can get hold of the Blue ray versions we would have  much better looking edits of the series.
So sorry if anyone is looking for the rest of the season episodes, but I think the better image quality is worth waiting for.

All the Best. DarMok.
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Monday, 8 July 2013

Help with this internet interactive HELL.

Hello Inter-web Land.

You would think that by now, all of these companies like Facebook, YouTube and even this which i think is part of Google mail and lets you blog. Would all be much easier to interact with each other but no, I have been trying you days to setup a Facebook page that wont tell everyone who i really am. Sounds like something that lots of people would want as lots of stuff on the net has copyright issues that you can't be sure of how you might stand legally. (This is my FB page)


Well I have produce a little YouTube Channel that I want to make more interactive and get some quick feedback from, so i can hopefully make it better for those who have been kind enough to like it. But every time I try to link my YT account to FB, it keeps asking me to log-in as Me not ST Moments the new FB page. I am at my proverbial whits end, so any ideas or walkthroughs would be greatly appropriated. And for those who may be reading this that haven't seen the channel it's here.


All the Best DarMok.