Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Devils due editing is coming along

Hello Inter-web-land.
I have been working on my latest edit of ST Moments episode 87 Devil's Due one of the stand out episodes of the Fourth Season, this project seems to be taking longer and longer to get a handle on. This could be due to my physical problems with my disability or the fact that I'm putting so much more into them. There was a big gap between the release of ST Moments episodes 85 and 86 due to,  my not being able to sit for long periods at my computer desk and just not having the energy to do it. So sorry for that gap inbetween but I'm feeling a little more able to cope now so here we go, back to Devils Due. 
Yes well I did some work last week and this week on the episode, I've always like this one Ardra is a great character and the actress Marta DuBois, did a wonderful job especially in the interaction with her and Picard. The putdown in the first meeting is classic in fact the setup on most of the scenes are good and here lies the problem with all of these episodes, what to leave in and want to take out. Where Ardra first appears, has to be in, thou i have brought the dialogue closer together and cut out things like the hostage sub-story. 
It was the crews motivation to prove that she is a con artist and not the devil that I thought was more important. So at the moment I'm up to the scene on the bridge when she is in the captains chair, that  I'm about to work on. Which doesn't seem to work for me as well as the other Ardra scenes, in comparison to the arrival and departure of our protagonist. If you have any ideas on how i should proceed with the following scenes please let me know otherwise i will continue with my ideas which you may or may not like, I have included a offline blog exclusive preview of the episode, showing  where I'm up to, so join in and advise me on how you would proceed. 

All the Best, DarMok

Offline Edit Devils Due showing where I'm up to with this episode.

Devil Due Opening

Ardra's Arrival 

YouTube Upload

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