Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Please Look for Link to Other ST Moments sites.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Data's Dancing Day

Hello  Inter-Web-Land.

This sequence has been created as a experiment to see what would be the best format to upload HD to YouTube. I needed something to try out as a HD version of a ST Moments edit and to be honest I got a little distracted with the process of creating this edit.
            As happens a lot with the compositing I create in Adobe After Effects, because there are so many possibilities of what can be created. I started with a simple idea when watching the Sick Bay scene between Data & Beverley Crusher. An extra walks passed them and hears a little of what they are talking about, Data's wish to learn how to dance. I created a double take of the extra at what he had heard and then thought this needs some music and it continued from there.
             In the holodeck scene I wanted to throw a surprise in for the choice of the music, so started with Scott Joplin's "Solace". But as Beverley begins to teach Data his first few tap steps, it tunes into  Disco time with "The Hustle" by Van McCoy,  in the J. J. Abrams tradition, the lights come on and its time to get down. The idea just stroke me as funny, that this would be on the show, Data's Disco Dancing Day.
          This process has helped me in a round about way to work out what format I will be using from now on for producing the series of ST Moments. Now all I need is to reproduce a banner in the new HD size and my mean worry that I have hardly any room left on my hard drives for these large files. But by Huck or by Crock, I will find a way to get them done, so for now all the best and I hope you all enjoy this bit of fun I have created, when I should be hard at work continuing the series, soon very soon.


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